Chores - nobody loves them but eveybody needs to do them...

Wait! It doesn’t have to be so!

Our mission at No More Dirt.AMC is to enable our clients to spend more time with their families and friends and less time cleaning.

By taking care of their chores like mopping the floors, hoovering carpets, cleaning the bathrooms and other domestic duties that a household needs to undertake, we enable our customers to take more care of the people they love. 

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say.

"Carmen and her mum came and cleaned my 3-bedroom house 5 weeks ago and I was very impressed with work they did. Carmen is coming every week now and I can highly recommend her service."
Daniela Himmet
"Carmen has been cleaning our flat for the past couple of weeks and we couldn't be happier with the service she provides! She is extremely reliable and always leaves the flat spotless. Highly recommend!"
Karen Gallagher
"I was impressed by the work Mihai has done this morning. He is into every detail and the house was perfectly tidy and clean when he left. I wouldn’t clean it better myself! He brought his own cleaning products and hoover. The price for the cleaning is totally fair and affordable. That's why we hire him once a week. I am so happy!! I finally found a fantastic cleaner!"
Mina Brown

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We are a family-run business who take great pride in what we do.

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